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Professional Development

The education and training of a soon-to-be young physician

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I am a Fourth-Year Medical Student at Brown Medical School, continuing an 8-year program in which I have received a B.A. in Psychology.
I intend to pursue a career in surgery.
I'm currently conducting research regarding pediatric obesity and trauma surgery.

I've been described as dark and mysterious, yet warm and caring when you get to know me. I prefer to have a few very close, intimate friends rather than hordes of people I know only vaguely.

I consider myself a Green-Democrat and a Minimal-Deist. I am one of two Filipino-Chamorros that I know (the other is my brother).

My single friends tell me that I give good advice about relationships (which in my memory has been ignored more often than not). As for advice regarding being single, I have no idea what to tell you. I have also been told I give good advice about Medical School, which is somewhat ironic because I'm definitely not the best student, and I know I frequently can't take even my own advice.

I tend to befriend people who are intelligent, self-confident, independent, open-minded, and philosophical. I am an intuitive and theory-based person. I strive to improve my abilities and increase my psychological-orderedness. I admire idealism. I think noir (industrio-gothy) can be really sexy if done properly.

I tend to dislike falseness, over-dependency, and indeciciveness.

My current interests outside of medicine include learning about the stock market, investing, and the business world, and I am also working at improving my skill at online Texas-Hold'em Poker. Current winnings to date > $8,567.

I am happily married! Our first child is a cat: Kenya
Kenya's adopted sister: Savannah
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